Eric Dever

Warhol Montauk Project

Warhol Montauk Project

The Last Day of Summer 

Monochromes (2021)

Between Labor Day and the Autumn Equinox, remains the best part of summer. Vacationers have returned home, usually in a good mood, back to work and back to school, beaches and popular destinations are quiet and it is still reasonably warm.

I am preparing these mixed media works during the time of pandemic, using a storied paper, ink and watercolor collection, gifted to me in 2015 by the artist Jim McMullen, perhaps most well known for the over eighty posters he has done for Lincoln Center Theater. 

I am enjoying drawing, though I can’t entirely see what I’m doing, white oil pastel on white paper offers little contrast to go by, but once the ink or watercolor is applied the work becomes a colorful surprise, revealing a casual lack of self consciousness, discovering one color at a time, working monochromatically.

The sites I’ve chosen are places I have visited up until last summer, with the exception of some of the water views where I live and work on Eastern Long Island.

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